Married & Moved

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July 9, 2012 by Kelly McRae

It’s a new phase in my life; I got married, quit my shitty city job, and moved across the country with the new husband and both Totos to start life far away from the Emerald City. Country life in South Carolina is certainly different (y’all) than living in Seattle, although our inputs are somewhat confounded by currently living with my in-laws. I’m just working on getting used to the godforsaken heat, and the fact that in order to do almost anything, I have to get in a car and drive somewhere. There is no Walking to the Store, unless you want to get home tomorrow. There isn’t even Biking to the Market, unless you want to become spoke-pierced roadkill on winding shoulderless roads. So… it’s an adjustment, to say the least. But adjust we must!

Am I aping, or hoping to invoke the mojo of, the much-read Pioneer Woman here? Maybe a little bit, yeah. Study what works, right? Except I’ve foregone those huge (often disappointingly gray) Western skies to be in the same time zone as my family. Also I don’t have four kids or a working cattle farm. Details. But I too am making a wonky transition from city-dweller to country girl. For nearly a quarter-century in suburbia, I swore up one side and down the other that I was a country girl, needed a truck, had to be on a farm, and could care less for city life. I even dabbled in it during summers and holidays. But you know what? After four years of being a hop/skip away from EVERYthing my yuppie heart could possibly want, this move is proving bumpier than expected. And that, friends, is something to laugh about. So here we are. Enoy.

Let the Road Trip Begin!

Married; check. Grad school; check. Stoked for road-trip honeymoon & new life together; double-check.


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